Why Local SEO Services Can Help You Attract New Customers?

Local SEO Services Can Help You Attract New Customers

Local SEO Services


‘Dentists near me’, ‘best restaurant nearby’, ‘top cloth shops in Henry Street Dublin’ – that’s how local customers look for local businesses online. If your business’s online presence is not optimized to cater to these local searches, you are definitely losing a big share of customers and profits. It is even more demoralizing if your business requires customers to visit its physical location to buy products and services Local SEO Servicesis what your business needs. According to Forrester’s Research, local retail sales affected by the digital media in one way or the other amounted to $1.26 trillion in 2016.

Another scenario is that your business already has a handful of loyal and happy customers. What about attracting new customers, especially when most of them are busy searching for local businesses online. Think with Google claims that 82% of those using smartphones search for a local business using search engines. By appearing among the top local search engine results, your business can influence the first-time buyers’ decisions. Let’s find out why local SEO helps your business in this direction.

Local Is Being Searched

SEO is a generic term to optimize a website/business for increased online visibility. Now consider you run a spa parlour and your targeted customers are those who would visit the venue for a massage or some other treatment. It is simple to understand that your prospects would search for spa parlours in the local area or nearby. Even the tourists visiting your area or city would search ‘spa parlours in XYZ’. The local space is being searched extensively by your business’s targeted audiences and you need to show up in these search results.

Reaching New Customers When They Are in Need

Local SEO creates an excellent arrangement to reach the new customers timely or when they actually search for products or services you have. Doesn’t it make sense to tell someone looking for assistance to treat bad tooth pain that you are a dentist in his or her area? Or, telling someone planning a trekking holiday that you sell good trekking shoes nearby? Remember, a business in need is a good business indeed.

Appearing on the First Page of Search Results

It is a confirmed behaviour of online users that they seldom go beyond the first page while searching for a business on a search engine. Without local SEO, your business might feature on the fourth or third or even second search engine result page. But, a new customer might already find and choose a business from the first page. Good local SEO services ensure that your business is at the top of search results.

Local SEO Means Local Advertising

What if the new customers are not even aware of your business’s existence near them? Gone are the days when door-to-door marketing was a feasible option with great results. People today pay more attention to what’s being advertised online rather than bills, posters and pamphlets and even local newspaper ads.

One way of local advertising is the submission of website/business listing to the local directories, citation sites etc. These are first to appear among the search engine results and viewers definitely explore them to find various listings at one place. No wonder if your business listing is viewed and your website/local address is visited multiple times through these useful lists.

The process is continuous and can be utilized in the long-term. For example, if you plan a summer sale at your local clothing store, you can advertise the same at the platforms like Google My Business. It would instantly be visible along with the search results. It goes without saying that many new customers would be attracted to it.  

Providing New Customers Reviews to Trust

Most of the new customers or first-time buyers rely on the experiences and opinions of the experienced ones while choosing a local business/product/service. Local SEO uses customer reviews and ratings as one of the most important tools to build trustworthiness for a business. Positive reviews and star ratings provide an additional advantage of high Google rankings for a business. It further cements the trust of new customers in the business, all those aspects of your business online presence can be managed with a good Local SEO Services campaign or strategy. 

Making Your Physical Locations Easily Accessible

How conveniently accessible your business is for a new customer is one important parameter that would help him or her to take the final decision? Local SEO ensures that useful information, like address, phone numbers and nearby landmarks are visible to the viewers looking at your business listing for the first time. It would help them to plan a visit to your business locations immediately or in the nearby future. Local SEO uses Google Maps to convey your business’s location. If a prospect is able to locate you on Google Maps, there would be an increased probability of him or her visiting it.

Local SEO Services


Drawing Immediate Action from a Prospect

Positive reviews, high ratings, top Google search rankings and many other outcomes of a good local SEO strategy ultimately influence the new customers to take the right action. The process of optimization doesn’t stop here. How about adding some good calls to action? How about insisting your prospects to book an appointment now? If the prospect is happy to find what he or she is precisely looking for, you can expect these final calls to initiate the desired response.

Local SEO Services

Beating the Competition

According to Brand Muscle, 56% of local retailers are still to claim their listings with Google My Business, a trending platform for local SEO. It may possibly mean that a fair number of your competitors are still unaware of the importance of catering to local search. And for those who are, you can invest in extensive strategies to stay ahead of them.

Attracting new customers through local SEO obviously increases the conversion rate and business profits. It has been reported that local search facilitates a higher conversion rate than other popular local advertising options. For this, you need to take help from one of the expert local SEO companies who know how to develop the best strategies in this direction. Consider this investment as the urgent need of the hour.