Is Facebook Still Useful For Small Business Marketing? – How

If you are a small business owner with a limited budget to market your services on Facebook, worry not. SEOPLAN is one of the best Facebook marketing agency in Dublin, which has helped many small businesses to make profits out of their Facebook campaigns.

So, here a few benefits of FB marketing shared by SEOPLAN, which can be enjoyed by any small business owner.

Benefits offered by Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

1. Offers a Sharp Focus on Target Audience

Do you know that you can target people with a specific device, age group, location (including the radius)? 

The super-laser targeted audience is one of the best features of Facebook marketing. Making a list of the potential audience is considered to be one of the best Facebook marketing tips. Once you make a list of your target audience, you can drill down to the more specific level possible (you can check it in the audience definition tool).

Targeting a specific set of an audience has been one of the most effective Facebook marketing tips that worked for small business owners.

2. Helps Improve Engagement with Contests

Facebook contests, if done nicely, have proven to give engagement to any page or post for the past few years. Try creating an eye-catchy creative for your Facebook ad with a tempting incentive plan. 

This drives in crazy engagement for your post. Running a contest is not such a difficult task. You can ask your audience to submit their testimonials with the photos or videos and claim to provide a bonus for the winners. Once you get a lot of submissions or required engagement for your post, you can select a winner with the help of random generators.

3. Helps To Create Engaging Videos For Existing Audience

Video marketing is on the boom, and you need to know how to make the best use of it. Create engaging videos (short videos with less than 5 minutes length) and keep publishing on your brand page at regular intervals. This helps your audience to stick to your brand for more time. 

Whether it is a live Q&A or just a brand promotion, make sure to engage your audience with your video content. This has been one of the proven marketing tips for Facebook, which helped in driving more sales as well as establishing a brand presence.

4. Allows To Use The Power Of Diversified Posts To Get More Engagement

Posting quality content with links to your products alone does not help in building your brand on Facebook. According to a survey conducted on Facebook Algorithm, it has been found that Facebook’s organic reach for the pages that post only links is less than the Facebook pages which have diversified content.

It means that you need to keep engaging your audience through different types of posts, images, videos, and simultaneously keep posting your links occasionally. This will not only help in the user engagement but also help to gain more followers for your product in the long run.

5. Optimizes Post Timing For Better Reach

The time of posting content on Facebook also plays a crucial role in improving your post engagement. For example, publishing your post during the noontime will have less engagement in Facebook while publishing during the early hours of the day will bring in more interaction for your post.

In a survey, it has been found that weekdays are more ideal for a brand when compared to posting on the weekends. But, how is it really possible to publishing exactly at the same time on a daily basis? Thanks to Facebook scheduling. 

The Facebook scheduling feature helps you to schedule the post timings for the future. You just need to set the date, time, and content of the post and forget.

6. Diverts Other Channels To Enhance Performance

Not all the marketing tips on Facebook are restricted to the Facebook platform. Do small brands need to understand why their followers on other social platforms are not a part of the Facebook platform? 

Brands should try to send the Facebook videos, contents, and other engaging content of their FB page to their email list, Twitter, and Instagram followers. This helps in growing the audience on Facebook. Make sure to include the buttons on your Facebook page throughout the campaigns.

7. Lowers the Response Time 

Responding fast and giving the best customer support is very important when it comes to Facebook marketing as well. Make sure to answer the queries of your customers on Facebook Q&A in real-time. This will help your brand in gaining the trust of the customers. The average response time on Facebook should be less than 4 hours, exceeding which the trust score of your Facebook page drops down gradually.

So, in order to avoid getting negative comments on your Facebook posts, it is better to respond immediately and solve the customer queries. Having a lot of cobwebs on your post will hamper your business.

8. Offers Analytics To Replicate the Winning Ads

Always keep a watch on your Facebook Analytics. This helps you to understand which type of content is getting more interaction on your Facebook page. 

This helps in optimizing the other content on your Facebook page and also replicating the successful post strategy helps in driving more user-engagement to your Facebook page.

9. Allows Experimenting with Different Ad Types For Better Conversions 

Using the Facebook ad creator, you need to test multiple Facebook Ad platforms. Most of the businesses have seen tremendous results through such experiments.

As a small business owner, you need to invest some time in finding out which ad creatives would work (and are working) best for you. Start replicating them. Experimenting is one of the key factors to drive sales when it comes to Facebook marketing.

10. Gives The Potential to Tap Unknown Audience

Facebook has larger demographics, where 1 billion people visit the site on a daily basis. So, you need to keep trying a different set of audience for your ads, as it can help you generate more revenue. But how can you do this? If you are not sure about who your target audience is, try to use the option “engaged shoppers” to gain initial engagement for your post. Once the engagement starts for your ads, Facebook starts optimizing it for the right set of audience.

The above-mentioned Facebook marketing tips have been found effective for many small businesses to drive sales in a short span.