GMB Bulk Syndication For Service Area Businesses

GMB Bulk Syndication, Service Area Businesses  Bulk location management

In this article, I’m going to answer a question my customers ask me very often.

Can Service Area Businesses (SABs) use Google My Business’s (GMB) bulk syndication to manage their listings and reduce (CPA)?

The answer to this question is yes, I will show you step by step what we have recently done to one of our customers and all the details involved in setting up their SAB listings to improve visibility across 33 local places in Ireland.

My customer is in the construction industry and serves 33 locations across the entire country, Google Adwords was doing well for them, however they wanted to reduce Adwords monthly cost by 40%  with Google My Business listing.

Improving map pack visibility

Local landing pages

We developed a Local landing page for each SAB to support and authenticate the relationship between the page and the brand. We needed to prove to Google each service area listing was a legitimate location so the Google My Business SAB account would be verified.

Dedicating a local landing page to each SAB offers other benefits as well:

Encourages user engagement.

Improves client experience by continuing a branded experience.

Boosts conversions through elements like hyperlocal content and integrated customer reviews.

These pages were responsive, properly marked up with schema and integrated seamlessly with the brand’s current site design.

Verifying GMB Local listings

We created and verified each of the 33 Irish locations my customer serves. Since the number of locations was not too many we have decided to verify each location with the Mail (postcard) option. The verification process in Ireland by Mail (postcard) takes 14 days so this was really straightforward.

Once each Google My Business Listing was verified we optimized them with local content for each location and linked them to Local landing pages

Improving map pack results

We improved  map pack results

  1. We Built citations
  2. Got more reviews from existing customers
  3. We decided to use the same phone number on all locations to make it easier for our customers to handle phone calls from Google My Business Profiles.  Use a local number instead of a toll-free number.
  4. Wrote original and compelling copy for each Google My Business description.
  5. Uploaded high-quality photos to enhance the visual appeal of each listing.

GMB Bulk Syndication

Remember: business listings that have been claimed and are regularly updated on Google My Business — and which also boast of strong reviews and ratings — are the ones most likely to rank at the top of local search and be featured in the Google Maps Pack, this is also important for GMB Bulk Syndication optimization. 

The combination of SAB pages targeting a specific local area with verified local listings and ongoing listings management is a powerful way to rank higher. Six months post-implementation, our customer experienced a 45 percent increase in call volume! Allowing our client spent less money on Google Adwords 28% less money spent on PPC.  The 40% PPC cost reduction was exceeded over the course of 17 months.

Summary of what has been done

  1. Claimed Google Listing for each location
  2.  Create local landing pages to validate locations and show a brand connection.
  3. OPtimized each listing with outstanding description, high quality images and quality content
  4. Added an email address on the brand’s top-level domain email system for verifying the GMB account.
  5. We use a local phone number linked to each listing, the same phone number across all Google My Business profiles.

We hope the above helps your company GMB Bulk Syndication process.