10 Tips to Optimize Facebook Ads That Really Work

Here are some of the best Facebook marketing tips to optimize your ads and get better conversions.

Tips To Optimize Facebook Ads and Get Better Conversion

  1. Keep the Mobile and Desktop Ads Separate

If you are targeting both desktop and mobile audience for your Facebook ads, then try to make separate campaigns for these platforms because the call-to-action buttons perform differently on mobiles and laptops.

If you have just started running campaigns, then here is one of the best Facebook marketing tips:

Open the Facebook Ad manager, head on to the campaigns, and under the device section, select the placement as “mobile news feed” for mobiles, and “desktop news feed” for desktop.

2. Create Attractive Thumbnails and Videos

A user takes a maximum of 2.6 seconds to land on a webpage. The use of high quality and eye-catchy images will help him to click your ad on Facebook feed. These high-quality visuals can be treated as you would a handshake.

Here are some effective Facebook marketing tips when it comes to visuals:

  • Never overload your images or thumbnails with text. This reduces the reach of your content. As per Facebook ad policy, your images should not contain more than 20% of the text. You can check the image to text ratio with the help of Facebook image text check tool. 
  • Based on the type of ads you run, make sure to use the right resolution of an image. Improper image resolution can also affect your brand.

3. Keep the Ad Copy Short And Simple

Never try to fill your ad copy with too much content. It hurts the eyes of the user and leads to skipping your ad. Make sure to keep the ad copy simple and effective.

Using powerful words and personal pronouns like you, we, etc. will help your ad to get emotionally connected to the audience.

Moreover, avoid using jargons and technical words in your ads. Try to speak the language of your audience in the ad copy. It helps in better conversion.

4. Include Strong Call-To-Action Button In Ads

If your primary goal for running Facebook ads is to get the conversion, then you must try using a strong call-to-action button in the ads.

Try using powerful verbs like explore, find, etc. if you are trying to send your audience to the product page. Alternatively, try using words like “sign up”, “buy now”, “limited offer” if you want to drive more sales to your product.

Depending on the type of ads and target audience, you need to wisely choose the call-to-action button. A wrong selection of the CTA button can lead to poor conversions.

5. Broaden Your Audience To Find Similar Customers

This is one of the most proven Facebook marketing tips for small business.

When you are running a Facebook ad, make sure to select the “targeting expansion” option, which is present under the “interest targeting” option.

Enabling this option will help Facebook to show your products to those people who have the potential to buy your products. This not only increases the reach of your ad but also reduces the cost per conversion.

If you have a huge pool of audience data, you can also try to run ads for a custom audience. For this, you need to upload the email subscriber list and start targeting them on Facebook ads.

Similarly, this email subscriber list can also be used to create lookalike audience ads, where Facebook finds similar profiles of your customer base and increases your conversion rate.

6. Choose the Right Ad Format

Based on the goals you define for your Facebook ad campaign, it is also important to choose the right ad format for promotion.

Here are a few things, which you can consider for a certain type of ads:

  • Facebook offered ads are great if you want to run special deals and discounts for your customers.
  • Collection and Carousel ads are perfect if you run ads for multiple products or services.

7. Use Facebook Pixels For Tracking User Behaviour

Make sure to track the behaviour of your visitors with the help of Facebook pixels. Facebook pixels work similar to Google analytics, and it helps you to track the behaviour of your user on each page where the code is placed.

For example, you can check the data like the number of users who are reaching the checkout page but not getting converted, time of the day when maximum purchases are happening, etc.

Getting an idea of the user behaviour will help you to run different types of ads in order to convert them.

8. Run Remarketing Ads to Turn Visitors in Customers

Once you have Facebook pixels installed on your website, you can try to run remarketing ads to the visitors who have visited your website but not purchased any product.

Remarketing ads try to show your product again and again to the visitor, which finally leads to conversion.

You can try providing some discounts or deals to the customers whom you are running remarketing ads for.

9. Schedule Ads

Once you get the data of your audience as mentioned above, try to schedule ads. You can schedule ads based on the previous data, where your audience are mostly to convert. For example, if you have a data where the audience are purchasing on Thursdays at 9 A.M, you can schedule your ads every Thursday at the same time.

10. Test Different Bidding Strategies

You need to test different bidding strategies like cost per thousand impressions, cost per click, and cost per conversion.

Based on the type of ads you run, you need to test the bidding strategies. For example, test budget with cost per click, when you are running image ads. Similarly, try to bid on cost per conversion, if you are running video ads for your products.

Facebook ads can bring in more sales for your business if optimized rightly. Try to follow the above-mentioned marketing tips for Facebook to optimize your campaigns and get better conversions.